Assisting you exit your business – safely

We offer owner/managers of small businesses a simple and safe exit so they can move on or start afresh, keeping their customer base and reputation intact.

We buy companies and their debt

Are you having issues paying your BBL, HMRC and suppliers. We will acquire your company, appoint new directors allowing you to walk away

Your insolvency practitioner - he is not your friend

We can help you avoid court proceedings, claims and prosecutions enabling you to start afresh


Selling your company to us allows you to walk away with your reputation intact

Since the global pandemic we have been helping a high volume of companies and their directors solve all the above issues in these too much to handle challenging times.

This means we are more than aware that over the last couple of years running a company has become much harder and whilst the government has helped to support companies throughout this period it has left others with a large debt burden they previously didn’t have, which is now proving to be unsustainable such as BBL debt, PAYE arrears and deferred VAT liabilities to name but a few.

Ultimately this means many company directors’ recovery plans haven’t materialised due to the ongoing global situation